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The eEducation Group administers several state and nationally funded projects that center on online alternative certification programs (in science, mathematics, history, and social studies), web-based curriculum development and professional development for teachers. Current projects include Accelerate Online, the Middle School Aerospace Scholars (MAS) Program, and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI). Past projects include being the Texas partner for the South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium (SCR*TEC-TX), the Technology Mentor Fellowship Program (TMFP), the Ocean Drilling Distance Learning Program, the Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health (PEER), and the Knowledge Innovation for Technology in Education (KITE) Project. Click here to visit the project site.

The eEducation Group in the College of Education at Texas A&M University, formerly comprised the SCR*TEC-TX (1996-2001). As the Texas partner for the South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium, this group had several successful K-12 outreach instructional technology initiatives in the areas of materials development and dissemination, professional development and technical assistance.

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eEmpowerment Zone & Integrated ePortfolio System was designed by Trina Davis and Arlen Strader from the eEducation Group at Texas A&M University. For more information contact tdavis@coe.tamu.edu.