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The eEmpowerment Zone (eZone) is a comprehensive, web-based eLearning and professional development center that was designed for a far-reaching community of learners and contributors: preservice and inservice teachers, administrators, media specialists, higher education faculty and students.

The eZone is a dynamic, on-demand delivery platform, that was developed by Dr. Trina Davis and Arlen Strader from the eEducation Group at Texas A&M. The eZone enables cohorts or communities of educators to access instructional modules, as well as integrated resources and tools that support teaching and learning, collaboration, mentoring, and coaching. By organizing instructional web-based modules, individualized My eAssessment Centers, electronic portfolios (ePortfolios), resources and tools into a single integrated system, graduate students or teaching candidates can seamlessly complete online or field-components of their courses or programs.

The My eAssessment Center, is the nucleus of the eZone. Each eZone user has a personal My eAssessment Center which provides access to key resources like ePortfolios. Accessed from the My eAssessment Center, the eZone’s ePortfolio system allows educators to submit various instructional artifacts to their interactive, web-based portfolios that chronicle their work throughout a particular course, professional development experience or entire teacher preparation program. The eEmpowerment Zone includes extra features like the eZone Discussion Boards, as well as a online Resource Media Center and Break Room that allow the eZone’s communities of learners to review, nominate, and share a broad range of instructional resources. Have fun and enjoy the eZone!

Dr. Trina Davis
Director, eEmpowerment Zone

Description of eZone Features
eZone Feature Description/Function
eZone Modules eZone Modules are self-paced and include hands-on, interactive online instructional content and project-based learning activities. Modules incorporate pretests and posttests, formative Try This exercises, and video segments. eZone Modules incorporate feedback prompts, and are designed around ongoing needs sensing and state and national standards.
My eAssessment Center The My eAssessment Center in the eZone enables students, university supervisors, mentor teachers and program staff to track student progress in real time. University supervisors and mentor teachers also submit midpoint and summative classroom observations as well as ePortfolio reviews in the center. The My eAssessment Center includes student progress data on module enrollment, completion and assessment. Administration and Facilitator pages include information on students, learning objects, overall cohort module progress, student portfolios and customized news submissions. From the My eAssessment Center students and other stakeholders can also access all midpoint and summative classroom observation results, and ePortfolio assessment results.
ePortfolios The ePortfolio feature in the eZone allows interns to submit various preservice instructional artifacts and later classroom artifacts to their web-based portfolios. These artifacts are automatically uploaded, without requiring formal web development. Intern portfolios serve as a resource for teaching interns to share their professional goals, interests, and a wealth of classroom artifacts with supervisors, mentor teachers and other interns in their cohort over the course of their induction year.
ePortfolio Center As an added bonus, an ePortfolio Center has been set up in the eZone for future employers, university supervisors and fellow students to search all ePortfolios that are in the system. School district administrators can search for teaching candidates' ePortfolios to explore their body of work that was created during their teacher preparation program. This site was designed to assist Accelerate Online students in their job placement efforts.
Discussion Boards Discussion Boards were set up in the eZone to facilitate ongoing support and communication among students (or interns), supervisors, and program staff. All Options/Accelerate students are subscribed to their cohort discussion board. Whenever a new article appears, students receive a copy of that article. Articles are compiled in digest format and emailed daily. In addition, using their discussion boards university supervisors offer just-in-time Online Seminars for first year teachers on such topics as performance objectives, effective lesson plans and closure, student motivation, reinforcement theory, and learning styles.
[eZone Quarterly]
This feature highlights state and some national educational news, professional development and funding announcements and initiatives.
Spotlight Resource
[eZone Quarterly]
This feature spotlights an educational resource or application; many resources are nominated or created by educators or educational technology leaders.
Powerful Practice
[eZone Quarterly]
This feature highlights best practices including how model K-20 educators are using technology. How are educational technologies impacting teaching and learning in a wealth of situations? Exemplary curricula, diversity responsive practice, and mentor programs are also highlighted.
Resource Media Center The Resource Media Center is designed as a dynamic shared resource center for communities of learners that include pre-service and in-service teachers, administrators, library media specialists, higher education faculty, parents and students. eZone community members are encouraged to nominate and rate a wealth of resources.
Break Room The eZone Break Room is designed to give users a space to freely explore diverse web-resources, outside of structured instructional activities. The eZone's community of learners can take breaks, to freely experience the breadth, depth and creative power of the Web.

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eEmpowerment Zone & Integrated ePortfolio System was designed by Trina Davis and Arlen Strader from the eEducation Group at Texas A&M University. For more information contact tdavis@coe.tamu.edu.